Universitatea „Vasile Alecsandri” din Bacău

Journal for Literary and British Cultural Studies in Romania

ISSN 1224-239X, ISSN (Online) 2559–3439, ISSN-L 1224 - 239X

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About Cultural Perspectives

Cultural Perspectives. Journal for Literary and British Cultural Studies in Romania (CP) is a scientific publication issued yearly under the aegis of CETAL Research Centre from the Faculty of Letters of “Vasile Alecsandri” University of Bacău, Romania.

Journal history

The journal has been issued yearly since 1996 at “Alma Mater” Publishing House of “Vasile Alecsandri” University of Bacău, being initially under the patronage of the British Council. Starting from 2016, it has become the official journal of CETAL Research Centre (Centrul de Explorări Textuale și Acțiune prin Limbaj – Centre for Textual Exploration and Action through Language).

The history of the journal marks the transition from articles presented at conferences/scientific manifestations by faculty members to articles by Romanian and foreign scholars that develop applied research topics corresponding to directions configured in and through research groups.

Publication language

All articles (editorials, sicentific articles, interviews, book reviews) are published exclusively in English.

Latest update

CP – Number 28 (2023)

CP – Number 28 (2023) Abstracts: 11 records HRISTO BOEV – IRONY AND YEARNING IN[…]

CP – Number 27 (2022)


CP – Number 26 (2021)

CP – Number 26 (2021) Abstracts: 15 records GABRIELA ANDRIOAI – A CONCEPTUAL LINGUISTIC APPROACH[…]

CP – Number 25 (2020)

CP – Number 25 (2020) Abstracts: 15 records BRINDUSA-MARIANA AMALANCEI – FRAGRANCES AND THE SPIRIT[…]

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