Universitatea „Vasile Alecsandri” din Bacău

Journal for Literary and British Cultural Studies in Romania

ISSN 1224-239X, ISSN (Online) 2559–3439, ISSN-L 1224 - 239X

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CP – Number 7 (2002)

CP – Number 7 (2002) Abstracts: 9 records CATALINA BALINISTEANU – IDENTITY IN DOMBEY AND SON CATALINA BALINISTEANU University of Bacau Issue: CP, Number 7 Section: No. 7 (2002)  Editorial Abstract: The aspects dealt with in this paper circumscribe the notion of identity: personal identity, attributes of the major characters’ identity in Dickens’s novel Dombey and Son, the …

CP – Number 5/6 (2000/2001)

CP – Number 5/6 (2000/2001) Abstracts: 6 records JULIA BRIGGS – ORLANDO AND THE CROSS-DRESSED AUTHOR JULIA BRIGGS De Montfort University, Leicester Issue: CP, Number 5 Section: No. 5/6 (2000/2001)  Editorial Abstract: This article explores cross-dressing in relation with history, biology and autobiographical elements within a process of self-shaping with reference to Virginia Woolf s Orlando. Keywords: cross-dressing, crossed-dressed …

CP – Number 2 (1997)

CP – No. 2 (1997) Editorial Abstracts: 3 records RODICA ALBU – MYTH, HISTORY AND CREATIVITY. FOCUS ON YEATS RODICA ALBU University of Iaşi Issue: CP, Number 2 Section: No. 2 (1997) Abstract: The paper deals with the relationship between history and myth, on the one hand, and Yeats’s mythistory, on the other hand. Keywords: mythic constructs …

CP – Number 1 (1996)

CP – No. 1 (1996) Editorial Abstracts: 8 records EAMONN HUGHES – IDENTITY, PLACE AND CULTURE: BRITISH STUDIES FROM A NORTHERN IRISH PERSPECTIVE EAMONN HUGHES School of English Queen’s University of Belfast Issue: CP, Number 1 Section: No. 1 (1996)  Editorial Abstract: I want to survey British literary and cultural studies from the perspective of Northern Ireland since …

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